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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Prom Hairstyles: Most Awe Inspiring and Pretty

Most hairstyles are inspired from those what the celebrities wear at events and gala functions. Therefore, it is simply natural for teenagers to follow celebrity prom hairstyles that are almost unique and look so beautiful on their role models.

It is very important for the celebrities to dress well for any public appearance. This is the time they utilize the most to do and dress things which are different from the rest. Genuinely beautiful celebrities can always show off why they are the people’s favorites. They try and wear a different look each time. Therefore, their hairstyles change with the look. When they need to look younger, cute yet sexy they try out several casual and formal prom hairstyles.

Here are some celebrity inspired prom hairstyles:

  • Jessica Alba relaxed look hairstyle: This one can take your prom by storm. Jennifer Aniston has used her lovely long hair to her advantage. She has simple left her hair open. At the top she has her natural straight hair with long bangs. Towards the bottom however, she has added light waves to her hair. These waves are towards the tips, this makes her look gorgeous. 
  • Lindsay Lohan pretty hairstyle with layered hair: This hairstyle is quite stunning. This hairstyle will suit brunettes more than blonde. Lindsay Lohan has added many layers to her hair and blow dried it giving the very sexy yet wild look. The hairstyle looks casual and ready for the prom.
  • Jessica Simpson glamorous hairstyle: This one is simply fit for the prom, it is cute yet sexy. This hairstyle requires you to have medium length hair. Large curls have been used to accentuate beauty as well as volume. Hair is combed with a side partition and fixed with a small pin. Curls glide on the shoulder making her look absolutely stunning.
  • Cameron Diaz cute short hair pony tail: This looks cute yet very chic and smart. With her layered short hair, Cameron Diaz has managed to wear a pony at the back of her hair, it makes her look cute yet smart.
There are many other awe inspiring celebrity prom hairstyles you can check out, each day there is a new one and you have more choice in hairstyles.
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Long Straight Haircut With Bangs

The long straight hair cut is popular this year, and you can see a lot celebrities wear this kind of hair. Usually, add some bangs will look better, no matter front blunt bangs or side swept bangs.
Vanessa Amorosi Long Straight Cut with Bangs

Vanessa completed her casual look with straight locks and blunt cut bangs in a vibrant hue.

Christina Ricci Long Straight Hairstyle with Bangs.

Actress Christina Ricci debuted long brunette locks and blunt cut bangs at the New York stage and film gala. Yes, Christina Ricci love bangs, and here is another picture of Christina, she wear short hair with blunt bangs.

Grace Potter Long Straight Cut with Bangs.

 Grace Potter rocked pin straight locks which she topped off with blunt cut bangs.

Rocsi Long Straight Cut with Bangs

B.E.T. host Rocsi showed off longer than usual brunette locks while attending the premiere of ‘Runaway’. She added a little dimension to her look by curling her bangs.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Brown Hairstyles

The world is a very diverse place. Different people live in it having different features, complexion, and hair. The texture and hair color of people living in one part of the world is different from the people living in other part of the world. Black people usually have black colored hair while white people have brown or golden hair color.

Brown hairstyles are much in fashion and give you a different yet sophisticated style. Brown colored hair can be dyed in lighter or darker shades by applying the right hair color.

Every year, the hair stylists suggest different brown hairstyles. Some of the famous hair styles for year 2010 are long hairstyles. Long hairstyle is for the women who have long silky straight hair. Emo hairstyles are for the women who have short hair. The emo hairstyles give you an entirely stylish and fashionable look. So you can look great even with short hair.

Another hairstyle that is suggested by hairstylists for brown hair is the long curly hairstyle. If you have long hair then, you can have curly hairstyle. The curls on long brown hair look beautiful and make you look really great. Another brown hairstyle that is the best and cool as well is the layered hairstyle. This layered hairstyle gives your hair, a thick and healthy look, and adds bounce to your hair. Layered hairstyle looks best on the women having medium length hair. This trendy hairstyle gives you a completely new and fashionable look and you will look completely stylish and gorgeous.
The brown hairstyles change every year and even with the change of the season. You can have a look at the new hairstyles by getting online and can select a brown hairstyle that best suits your looks; moreover, you can even get an advice from an online hairstylist as well, for your hair. You can find more latest new trendy hairstyles for women and men.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to Maintain Long Black Hairstyles

Long hairstyles for black hair. Though there are a number of women who want to dye their hair to another color such as ginger or blond, there are still more who prefer theirs to be jet black.

Long black hairstyles are always great to look at, because they always appear shiny and voluminous. They can also go together with any look.

However, if you do not take care of them properly, you will also lose your shining glory. To make sure they do not get damaged, follow these tips:

  • Stimulate production of oil. Oil is the main reason why your black hair will appear shiny or full of luster. You can stimulate the production by massaging, not scratching, your scalp when you are taking a bath.Moreover, if you are going to style your hair, it is recommended that you wet your hair the night before to allow the oil to really get into the hair shaft.

  • Minimize the use of shampoo. This is especially true if you have long black curly hair, as shampooing has the tendency to leave your hair drier. You should limit the shampooing to at most three times a week.Instead, make use of a good conditioner. The conditioner should be according to the type of hair you have. For example, if you have dry hair, you need a conditioner that can moisturize the strands. If you want a more manageable hair, you can find a conditioner that can also act as a smoothener.

  • Wash in one direction only. The problem with long hair is there is a possibility that the strands will get entangled with one another. You can avoid that by washing and rubbing your hair in just one direction.
  • Do not rub the towel. Once you are done taking a bath, do not immediately rub the towel into your long hair. It could cause tangles, if not breakage. Split ends do look ugly on black hairstyles.

  • Avoid hot appliances as much as possible. The easiest way to straighten or curling the long hair to get a different hairstyle is to make use of hot appliances.However, you may want to limit their use as the heat can cause dryness or even breakage to your hair. There is also the tendency of the hair to frizz.

  • Choose your products well. Just because they are cheap does not mean they are worth the purchase. It is still best to invest in quality products, those that will not cause harm into your scalp and, most of all, your hair. Some can even lighten the color of your hair.
  • Use your fingers. If your hair strands get entangled, stop brushing for a bit and use your fingers to detangle them. You should continue combing only after you have solved the problem.
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Curly Hairstyles for Women

Choosing the correct hairstyle is as significant as being versatile together with your tresses so take a glimpse at the following partially curled hairstyles and inspire your self for your new fabulous look!

Curly hairstyles too as sleek straight hairstyles have often been competing against every other as they both look absolutely fabulous and suit all hair lengths. Due to the fact some persons love both styles and due to the fact there is a constant need for new and improved hair styles, partially curled hairstyles have been developed.

Hairstyles can have a excellent influence over your physical appearance and style so choosing correct is a ought to, particularly if you care about how other people perceive you. Looking very good and feeling very good inside your own skin has no comparison, along with a good looking hairstyle can assist boost your self esteem.
The wonderful thing about partially curled hairstyles is that they might be very easily created on all hair textures making use of the correct hair styling tools so everybody with at least a few inches of hair length can give partially curled hairstyles a try.
As a result of the new techniques developed you will find many partially curled hair styles to choose from, so you’ll be able to select the hairstyle that suits your style and face shape very best.Partially curled hairstyles, just as the name suggests, feature a partially straightened section of hair along with a partially curled one, creating a extremely sexy look which attracts a generous quantity of attention.
The section of hair which is commonly close to the scalp is straightened using a round brush or a flat iron after the hair has been previously washed. From across half way down the hair shaft, the hair is curled using a curling iron or a flat iron depending on the desired result. You can select to incorporate lovely soft or heavy curls depending on personal preference too as hair length.

Women with a medium length hairstyle really should opt best for partially soft curled ends which women who feature a longer hair length can experiment with different curls types to determine which suits their face shape and personality most effective. The curls need to be set in place utilizing a modest quantity of hairspray, just sufficient to set the curls but allow them to maintain their natural bounciness.

Keep in mind on the other hand that the only way this hairstyle or any hairstyle will look excellent is if it’s created on healthy hair. Healthy hair radiates beauty naturally so a excellent looking hairstyle will only aid emphasize that beauty. Pay attention to hair care and use hair care products which are specifically designed for your hair kind so the hair can maintain its natural beauty, vivid coloration and shine!
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Long Wavy Hairstyles: Have Them Naturally

What do Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, and Rachel Bilson have in common? Besides their A-rate Hollywood status, beautiful face, and sexy body, they also sport long wavy hairstyles, which definitely look too hot and good for them.

It’s no wonder, therefore, that you also dream one for yourself. A long wavy hair is always well loved because it has more volume and body, soft to the eyes, flowing, and free. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance unlike straight hair.

The good news is that you don’t need to be naturally born with it. There are already a number of ways on how you can achieve a long wavy hairstyle.

But before we proceed to the techniques, there’s something you should know. These suggestions are devoid of any hot appliances such as curling irons. Some women would depend on these devices to achieve a little curl here and there on their hair. Though they are effective and can give you the look in a matter of minutes, they are not healthy at all. The intense heat they produce can dry the hair up, leaving you with brittle, dull, or even frizzed hair.

Here are the things you can do instead:

Choose your conditioner very well. The first step to getting a long wavy hairstyle is to actually shampoo and condition your hair. Now, it’s very important that you get picky with the latter. As much as possible, you should pick the lightweight one because you don’t want to weigh your hair down. You want them to be very easy to control and manage.

You can also use the leave-in or anti-frizz hair conditioners. After taking a bath, remove the excess water from the strands and wrap your entire head with a towel. Wait for around 15 minutes to an hour. After the designated time has elapsed, you can now remove the cloth and allow natural wind to completely make it dry. This step is easy, no fuss, and can give you a bouncy wavy hair that’s natural looking.

Apply a volumizing formula. While your hair is not too damp or too dry, you can apply a conditioning mousse on your hair to ensure that you can conveniently twist or curl it. After you’ve accomplished this, you can then spray your volumizing formula. One of its jobs is to also ensure that your wave stays all throughout the day.

A little word of caution, though: avoid becoming enthusiastic on the mousse. Too much of it can also make your hair very heavy to easily manage.
Wear the rollers. It will definitely take some time to obtain a wavy hair with the rollers, but they are a lot healthier and safer. The size of your rollers will depend on the kind of wave you want to achieve. While they are still on, you can spray your styling spray at least half of the rolled hair to make sure they hold properly once you remove the rollers.
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