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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Someone Personality Through Color Favorites

This research has been done for many years. Found that the favorite color, or color of the most dominating personality reveal the contents of the closet. So, let's have fun today. Peek into your favorite color tell about someone.

Who liked the black color tends to have a thinking conservative. and really know what the pros themselves. The black color also tend to make them want to look sexy and confident.

These colors tend to be known as a feminine color. But behind her girly image, this color actually hides a mysterious personality. So, not true if someone who likes the color pink is very girly figure, he could be good at playing style.

Intelligent, courageous and outspoken! They really liked being in the midst of many people and became the center of attention. They also love adventure and do not like opposition.

Like the impression gained from the clarity of color, those who liked the color blue is the figure of loving and free spirited. They believe that inner beauty that makes them beautiful am left completely.

This color indicates a person is a sincere person, enjoys challenges and new things. They also have great ambitions and love being the center of attention.

For like the color yellow, then you are an optimist. Like will the challenges and outdoor activities, especially sports. You also are flexible and have strong intuition.

The white color is said to be a neutral color, and so it is with the memfavoritkan color on this one. They Tend to lovers of peace and do not like to take sides. It also includes a quiet person and easy to make friends with anyone.

For lovers of green, then no one else, You guys are really interested in the environment. Though perhaps not the one who jumped on the environmentalist organization, but you try to keep the environment around you. You also figure stubborn, but at the same time a fun friend.