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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hillary Clinton Targets The World Bank

WASHINGTON, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States Hillary Clinton touted eyeing the presidency of the World Bank that will be vacant next year. Reportedly, this time he discussed his resignation with the White House on Thursday (06/09/2011).In several occasions, Hillary publicly stated he does not plan to lead the Department of Foreign Affairs of the United States (U.S.) more than four years. Several colleagues said, Clinton revealed his desire to be boss of the World Bank when the current term of office of the president, Robert Zoellick, after mid-2012.

"Hillary Clinton wanted the job,"said a source who knew the former U.S. first lady very well.

Another source confirmed it. The third source said the president Barack Obama has expressed support for the changing role of Hillary's. However, it is not clear whether Obama has asked Hillary a formal nomination for the position. For the nomination of the position of president of the World Bank, required the approval of 187 World Bank member countries.

The White House declined to comment on the news. However, Clinton's spokesman, Philippe Reines, Hillary denied it wanted the position or discuss it with the White House.

Discussions about a replacement Zoellick today is not strange considering the U.S. still consider support for a European to head the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

So far, the IMF is always headed by a European, while the World Bank president is held by U.S. persons. Until now the U.S. has not officially support the French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde to lead the IMF.

If Hillary Clinton really leave the Department of Foreign Affairs, John Kerry, who currently heads the Foreign Relations Committee in the Senate, has emerged as a strong candidate to replace him.