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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rallies in Athens Starting chaos

Demonstrations in Athens Greece-related debt from chaos. At least, according to AP and AFP news on Wednesday June 15, 2011 the demonstrators had clashed with police in front of parliament. Currently, parliament is to hold debates about the new savings policy.Greece and the European Union required the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to prepare and implement conservation measures to get the rescue package funds.

Pushing and throwing incidents took place outside the parliament complex, where thousands of residents gathered to express objection to the saving measures proposed by the Government of Greece. The mass of demonstrators at first tried to blockade the parliament and prevent members of parliament went into the building. Police finally managed to insulate the streets towards Syntagma Square and the opening track for the people's representatives.

Some demonstrators then pelted the police, who tried to chase them, with stones and yoghurt in Syntagma Square. Police retaliated by firing tear gas into the mass.

The demonstration raised by the movement calling itself The Indignants (Angry People) as well as union activists.

Greek unions also launched a strike, including in hospitals, banks, public transport, and broadcasting. Thousands of workers from public and private sectors comply with the call for general strike which is a similar action a third time in Greece this year. However, the airport operates as usual after officials canceled the air traffic controllers strike them.

Prime Minister of Greece George Papandreou asked for the support of parliament to pass a new savings program worth 28 billion euros that will apply from 2012 until 2015. In a related development, the credit rating agency Standard & Poor's lowered the rating of Greece to the state level which at least deserve a loan of 131 countries they monitor.
The Greek government said the decline in ratings from B to CCC by Standard & Poor's put aside the country's efforts to ensure that the funding could be obtained. Greek Parliament must approve the new savings plan proposed by the government no later than the end of June for the next rescue aid package can be met.
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24 Hours Demo in Athens

Slowly but surely, people from all sectors in Greece began to riseprotest . The plan, a rally that began on Wednesday June 15, 2011 it will last for 24 hours. The protest took place in Athens, the capital of Greece.

Xinhua News shows, only hospital serving the emergency room during a rally. Then, mass transportation sector is also not moving bandwagon. Shipping dock and do the same.

In Athens, the protesters will target places like the area the President's residence, offices of Prime Minister, and parliament building.

Government and the Greek parliament was brewing draft new regulations related to the country's high debt levels. That rule, it can be ascertained, will increase the tax burden for many people. Meanwhile, the social security budget even more reduced.
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Turkey's Borders Remain Open

Turkey remains open its border with Syria to the displaced victims of armed violence in Syria. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, as news Xinhua on Wednesday June 15, 2011 suggests so. "Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said clearly. Turkey and the Syrian brothers. We were together looking to the future," says Davutoglu.

According to him, in the near future Prime Minister Erdogan will meet with the special envoy of President of Syria Bashar al-Assad in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. "In addition to discussing refugees, they also will discuss the development in the region," said Davutoglu.
Until now, the wave of refugees from Syria increasingly large numbers. Syrian People avoid bloody violence during the internal crisis.

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Armistice Becoming Necessity

The armed conflict in Southern Kordofan increasingly heated. Violence, as the AP and AFP news on Wednesday June 15, 2011, involving stakeholders namely North Sudan and South Sudan. So, departing from it, President Barack Obama called for both a ceasefire.Obama urged both parties more responsible in order to avoid a new civil war "There is no military solution, the leaders of Sudan and Southern Sudan shall have the responsibility," Obama said in a message pre-recorded audio.

"The Sudanese government must prevent this crisis does not deteriorate in a way to stop the shooting, including bombings, the expulsion of citizens and intimidation," added Obama.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people forced to leave their homeland due to violence that took place just weeks before the independence of the South already.

The violence near the border of North and South Sudan is considered the United Nations (UN) also endanger humanitarian missions. Armed militia roadblocks built blocking various aid reaches thousands of refugees who need them.

The UN refugee agency said it asked the government of Khartoum to allow planes to land at major airports Kadugli, South Kordofan. North Sudan troops accused of targeting the targets where the pro-Southern Sudan.

Already last month armed conflict broke out in North and South along the border near the disputed town of Abyei. The dispute was sparked fears of civil war that had stopped in 2005 will again be repeated.

Earlier this week, Sudan and South Sudan agreed to withdraw their military from the Abyei region and hand over security to the army of Ethiopia.
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Pakistanis Capture U.S. Informants

 Illustrations released by the Department of Defense (DoD) at the Pentagon is the site of a building floor plan of U.S. military special operations that killed Osama Bin Laden, on Monday (02/05/2011).

Pakistan is furious because the United States could not be told about the attack to Osama bin Laden's hideout. In fact, the place, Abottabad, located within the territorial sovereignty of Pakistan.Impressed retaliation, Pakistan through Pakistan's intelligence agency (ISI) arrested five people suspected of being informants American intelligence agency (CIA). The five people are thought to help attack the United States (U.S.).
One of the detained person that rents the ISI is home to the CIA to monitor bin Laden safe house in Abottabad. However, as the AP and AFP news on Wednesday (06/15/2011), until recently the ISI has not officially made a statement about the news of the arrest.

Some time after Osama bin Laden was killed May 2 ago, witnesses said Pakistani security forces arrested at least four of its citizens. Two other men arrested in Abottabad or near the city which is about 60 kilometers from Islamabad that.

An American official told The New York Times said, one of those detained was a major Pakistani army. Pakistan's military members noted the license plate number of cars that went to the house hiding Osama in Abottabad, several weeks before the raid.

U.S. Policy raided the home of Osama was leaving the deteriorating bilateral relations. President Barack Obama said, the presence of Osama bin Laden gets a person protection. However, the Government of Pakistan has long denied knowing the presence of Osama in Abottabad.

This statement is reinforced U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who visited Pakistan recently. Hillary claims no strong evidence to suggest that someone at the highest levels of government in Pakistan knew of the existence of Osama Abottabad.

Apart about the raid Abottabad, Government of Pakistan has long been angry over the action unmanned U.S. aircraft at Afghan border. Attack aircraft are often killed civilians in addition to the militant group to target.

In recent years, the U.S. has provided billions of U.S. dollars to Pakistan, mostly used for military assistance.
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Strict Greek Frugality, Workers Not Agree

Greek government and parliament to make savings proposal for a new debt running at 12 billion euros from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). However, groups of workers do not agree. According to them, if the proposal is approved, the tax burden jumped to 9.4 billion U.S. dollars. Because of the reasons why workers would hold a mass strike. The strike will be made ​​when the parliament to seek the plan. The workers will be gathered at Syntagma Square in downtown Athens, not far from the parliament building. They then planned to besiege the parliament building in an effort to prevent members of parliament to intervene.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister George Papandreou is working to pass new policies as part of the requirements to get a bailout package of the European Union and the IMF. However, Papandreou seems to face the problem of internal party supporters in parliament.

A member of parliament from the party that supports the government's conduct SUPPLY defection. Thus, SUPPLY now has only 155 seats of the 300 parliamentary seats. In addition, at least one member of parliament from the Socialist Party threatened to oppose program cuts and privatization of state assets.

"All Greeks, especially the younger generation, ask us to fight tooth and nail. This is a struggle to avoid bankruptcy which will determine the future of this country," said government spokesman, George Petatolis.

"We are now fighting for a common interest in a most crucial period in the history of modern democracy of this country," added Petatolis.
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U.S. Still Think-think about the level of Debt Limit

United States (U.S.) seem still related counting pressure for the country's debt limit increase from 14.3 trillion U.S. dollars. According to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, ideally, the U.S. raise the debt limit of 2.5 trillion U.S. dollars. "That way, the U.S. could work up to 20 113," Bernanke said.Earlier, Bernanke said the U.S. would lose the AAA credit rating if the U.S. did not raise the debt limit. In a conference, Bernanke said that if the U.S. government suspend all types of debt payments. chaos will occur in global financial markets. "Failure to increase the debt limit would make the federal government to delay or cancel payment of the bonds that have been done," Bernanke said as warat AP and AFP on Wednesday june 15, 2011.

"Even the slightest delay in payment of the bond debt would disrupt financial markets and payment systems," he added.

Furthermore, in the long run, Bernanke added, the conditions that would destroy the status of the U.S. dollar as the world's premier currency.

Meanwhile, Vice President Joe Bidden and congressional leaders are trying to find a bipartisan solution to solve the debt problem. They are trying to reach an agreement to maintain the level of state spending by increasing the debt limit.

In the talks the government and Congress will discuss the level of annual expenditure, budget process reform, taxes and health insurance. "We've made ​​progress, we now go into the hard part. All are still discussing," Biden said on the sidelines of a meeting on Tuesday, U.S. time.
It is expected that an agreement can be obtained according to the desired deadline of President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner is on July 4.
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Iran Ready Talks About Nuclear

Astana - Iran is ready to dialogue with six countries on Iranian nuclear issue, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in Astana on Tuesday (06/14/2011). In a meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao, Ahmadinejad said Iran was willing to solve the Iranian nuclear issue through dialogue and cooperation, including with China.Six countries comprising the five permanent members of the Security Council (BOC) United Nations (UN) and Germany. Ahmadinejad was invited to Astana to attend the summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which opened on Wednesday (06/15/2011). Hu Jintao welcomed Ahmadinejad's statement. He agreed six-party talks is the best way to guarantee Iran's right to peaceful use of nuclear energy, on the eve of a meeting of Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Kazakhstan. Hu told Ahmadinejad that Iran should "take substantial steps" to build trust and "encourage the process of talks", Xinhua news agency said. "This is not just for the sake of Iran, but also conducive to peace and stability situation in the Middle East generally," said Hu. Last week China joined Western countries to tell Iran that "consistent failure" to meet its UN resolution was "deepening concern" against possible military dimension to its nuclear program. The statement was issued after Iran said it would triple production of high-grade uranium and move it to an underground bunker protected from possible U.S. or Israeli air strikes.
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Hillary Clinton Targets The World Bank

WASHINGTON, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States Hillary Clinton touted eyeing the presidency of the World Bank that will be vacant next year. Reportedly, this time he discussed his resignation with the White House on Thursday (06/09/2011).In several occasions, Hillary publicly stated he does not plan to lead the Department of Foreign Affairs of the United States (U.S.) more than four years. Several colleagues said, Clinton revealed his desire to be boss of the World Bank when the current term of office of the president, Robert Zoellick, after mid-2012.

"Hillary Clinton wanted the job,"said a source who knew the former U.S. first lady very well.

Another source confirmed it. The third source said the president Barack Obama has expressed support for the changing role of Hillary's. However, it is not clear whether Obama has asked Hillary a formal nomination for the position. For the nomination of the position of president of the World Bank, required the approval of 187 World Bank member countries.

The White House declined to comment on the news. However, Clinton's spokesman, Philippe Reines, Hillary denied it wanted the position or discuss it with the White House.

Discussions about a replacement Zoellick today is not strange considering the U.S. still consider support for a European to head the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

So far, the IMF is always headed by a European, while the World Bank president is held by U.S. persons. Until now the U.S. has not officially support the French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde to lead the IMF.

If Hillary Clinton really leave the Department of Foreign Affairs, John Kerry, who currently heads the Foreign Relations Committee in the Senate, has emerged as a strong candidate to replace him.
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Richest Dog in The World is Dead

NEW YORK, Trouble, the richest dog in the world due to a legacy of Rp 102 billion, dies at age 12 or 84 years in the dog's life.Maltese breed it became big news in 2007 when its owner, Leona Helmsley, bequeath property worth 12 million U.S. dollars. However, by the judge, his legacy was reduced to 2 million U.S. dollars.

Trouble is actually dead in December 2010, but his death was announced only on Thursday (09/06/2011). His health continued to retreat even she became blind and weak.

"Trouble was cremated and his ashes stored somewhere," said Eileen Sullivan, a spokesman for the Helmsley.

"Ward funds have been transferred to The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust for charitable purposes," said Sullivan.

After Leona Helmsley died, the dog was very spoiled living in Florida. He admitted to Carl Lecic, General Manager of Helmsley Sandcastle Hotel in Sarasota.

Trouble is quite expensive cost of living, about 100,000 U.S. dollars per year. Costs included the 8000 U.S. dollars for maintenance, 1200 U.S. dollars for food, and the remainder for escort services 24 hours a day.

Security is very important for Trouble after John Codie, guardian charitable funds of 8 million U.S. dollars, reported that Trouble received 20 to 30 murder and kidnapping threats.

Since its inception, this Maltese breed a luxurious life. He purchased from the Kennel Club and taken to the house of Helmsley with a Mercedes Benz limousine. "Codie gives Trouble the Leona to comfort him after the death of Harry," said the person close to Helmsley told the New York Daily News.

Being a billionaire like Helmsley's pet dog, Trouble the more luxurious life. Helmsley went wherever he was always involved. Both were transported a private jet from her employer's house in Arizona to house in Florida, "the palace" 21 rooms in Connecticut, and penthouse in New York.

Because the tax case, Helmsley was sentenced 18 months federal prison. The woman died in prison.

Helmsley's will is very surprising. He did not bequeath anything to her son's widow and two grandchildren. He would leave the estate worth 12 million U.S. dollars to Trouble, her beloved dog.

In the will, specifically asked Trouble Helmsley was buried in the cemetery of the burrow with her family at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Westchester County, New York.

However, the will was not fulfilled because the rules say, animals can not be buried in the cemetery man.
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A Man was killed while raping a woman 77 years old

Texas man was killed when 77-year-old woman raped in Refugio County, Texas, the AP news agency reported on Tuesday (06/14/2011).
The man named Isabel Gutierrez Chavelo 53 was not feeling well complain when in action. He then stopped the action, rolled, and then died away.Chavelo man named Isabel Gutierrez (53) complained of not feeling well that when in action. He then stopped the action, rolled, and then died away.

Police suspect Gutierrez had a heart attack because of fatigue. Previously he was doing his evil intentions, Gutierrez cycling as far as three kilometers. However, police still her body autopsied to confirm the cause of sudden death.

Victims Gutierrez in a healthy condition. Gutierrez threatened him with a small knife, said Gary Wright of the Refugio County Sheriff's office.

The old woman said she saw Gutierrez in the small town post office the day before. He thought the attackers had collapsed because of too drunk, because his breath smelled of alcohol.

Seeing assailant helpless, he immediately ran out of the house and called her daughter who then called the police.

When police arrived on the scene, Gutierrez lifeless.

The incident actually occurred on June 2 at midnight. But people still talk about it.

According to Gary Wright, the crime rate in the small town was quite low. It is difficult for ordinary citizens do not forget it. "It was indeed very strange," said Wright.

In police records, Gutierrez entered the list of sexual criminals. He was released from prison after serving sentences for cases of sexual abuse against children.

Current status of any parole, also to cases of sexual abuse.
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Suffered Girl

KANSAS CITY, Young woman held captive for many years as sex slaves by the husband and wife in Missouri. He was locked in cages and electrocuted. Part of his body nailed to a wooden board.

United States Attorney Beth Phillips even called it as one of the case "most horrific ever brought to trial in the region."

The authorities said the woman was employed since the age of 16 years by Ed Bagley (43) and his wife, Marilyn. He must live in a house made of the trailer so that you can take them anywhere.

The case was finally uncovered in early 2009 after the young woman, now 23 years old, was taken to hospital and prosecutors disclose to the public.

However, the more detail the events that appear, the more relevant question the allegations. Questions include the involvement of the young woman was in the practice of sexual violence, pose in a pornographic magazine, and her job as a stripper in a nightclub.

Supporters of the accused also said out loud, a lot of activities as mentioned in the indictment were in fact adults also practiced every day.

Ed Bagley, faces 11 charges, including sex trafficking conspiracy, theft and violence. There were four other men are also charged with various criminal acts.

The indictment comes as thick as 21 page picture shows, such as sexual tools from medieval times used on the young woman in a house trailer Bagley.

Marilyn Bagley's wife, claimed to know her because she was dating his son. That relationship ended. However, the woman wants to live with a family-Marilyn Bagley with reason, his relationship with her adoptive parents deteriorated.

Marilyn said, the young woman joined her family when she was 17 years old, not 16 years, and never had sex with her husband until the age of 18.

"He's not a runaway," said Marilyn. "We took it from his adoptive father and stepmother."

According to Marilyn, prosecutors threatened to bring an action against this if he is not willing to testify honestly about her husband, Bagley. However, he rejected it because it was not doing wrong.

Meanwhile, prosecutors say, Ed Bagley upload videos and other images to the internet which shows that the young woman was doing sexual activity.

On that website, Ed Bagley was accused testified that the young woman is a sex slave and also advertised that he is ready to serve sex to others and willing to be tortured, whether online or in person meeting.

Bagley was also accused of receiving cash payments, cigarettes, computer hard drives, even meat for other men can go to her house and torturing the young woman.
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Kimberly Walsh: Severe Giggs Treason!

MANCHESTER, Manchester United midfielder, Ryan Giggs, the more cornered. The arrest of two cases affair brings criticism from various parties. Now, turn to British singer, Kimberley Walsh, who went along with Giggs railed."The story of Ryan Giggs was shaking. I can not believe he (Giggs) had an affair with a woman who is now a sister-in-law for eight years," Walsh wrote in a column in the magazine OK!.

"MOLESTER alone is bad in any situation. But this is a betrayal that is so close to home. Morally, how could this have happened? His wife must be very disturbed," continued Walsh.

Giggs caught having an affair with brother-in-law, Natasha, recently. Previously, the affair with model Imogen Thomas also revealed in parliament. Later Giggs has been categorized as sex addiction. He tends not satisfied simply with his wife, but was oriented to adventure. Therefore, he will follow the rehabilitation.

"Using the excuse of sex addiction is a sad thing. If you have a problem, you have to deal with it,"said Walsh.
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Secret Behind Sex Enjoyment

Like fantasy or fake orgasms, women may often be done when having intimate with a partner. False responses made ​​by the couple happy to be one marker of differences in the character of men and women thought about sex.Two neurologists author of 'In A Billion Wicked Thoughts', Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam, revealing secrets about the contents of the mind of men and women about sex. They believe by understanding this secret, will make a couple more and understand the needs and satisfaction respectively. Quoted by the Daily Mail, two neurologists stated that he thought about sex content is usually relatively simple. Men tend to be affected by visual cues. That's why men love to see women pleasure orgasm. They do not care whether the expression is false or not.

While the contents of her thoughts about sex is much more complicated. Women tend to be more concerned about feeling desired. Without realizing it, thinking it would make a woman like detectives who investigate the quality of the love of a man, before deciding to give him pleasure. "A woman wants to know more about the men, including about how they are committed," said Dr. Ogas on CNN.

This study also shows that men generally do not need to feel wanted to be able to feel the enjoyment of sex. This explains why males can increase arousal while viewing pornographic images that tease. While women are more tempted by all the things that could improve his mood.

Dr. Gaddam explains, "like a male sexual brain single switch, whereas female sexual brain like a jet fighter cockpit F1 complex."

"There are many conversations taking place between the woman of erotic stories, while men prefer to consume pornographic movies and not talking about aesthetics," said Dr. Gaddam. Dr Ogas added: "Erotica is a solitary man, and erotica women is social enterprise."
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Someone Personality Through Color Favorites

This research has been done for many years. Found that the favorite color, or color of the most dominating personality reveal the contents of the closet. So, let's have fun today. Peek into your favorite color tell about someone.

Who liked the black color tends to have a thinking conservative. and really know what the pros themselves. The black color also tend to make them want to look sexy and confident.

These colors tend to be known as a feminine color. But behind her girly image, this color actually hides a mysterious personality. So, not true if someone who likes the color pink is very girly figure, he could be good at playing style.

Intelligent, courageous and outspoken! They really liked being in the midst of many people and became the center of attention. They also love adventure and do not like opposition.

Like the impression gained from the clarity of color, those who liked the color blue is the figure of loving and free spirited. They believe that inner beauty that makes them beautiful am left completely.

This color indicates a person is a sincere person, enjoys challenges and new things. They also have great ambitions and love being the center of attention.

For like the color yellow, then you are an optimist. Like will the challenges and outdoor activities, especially sports. You also are flexible and have strong intuition.

The white color is said to be a neutral color, and so it is with the memfavoritkan color on this one. They Tend to lovers of peace and do not like to take sides. It also includes a quiet person and easy to make friends with anyone.

For lovers of green, then no one else, You guys are really interested in the environment. Though perhaps not the one who jumped on the environmentalist organization, but you try to keep the environment around you. You also figure stubborn, but at the same time a fun friend.
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Sleep Paralysis

Have you ever dreamed of making your breath or wheezing at some point feel the weight, chest tightness, difficulty moving, hard to shout along with the emergence of hallucinations, ghosts? Perhaps according to Javanese belief is called sleep paralysis events, or disturbed a ghost.

In medical terms, this is referred to as sleep paralysis because the body can not move and seemed paralyzed. Apparently, almost everyone has experienced it, at least once in his life. And symptoms of sleep paralysis can happen to anyone, male or female. Sleep Paralysis phenomenon often associated with things mystical and it is not just a monopoly of the land of Java alone, but this myth is also growing in many countries around the World. In the Western world, sleep paralysis phenomenon is often called incubus or nightmare old Hags based on shadow form that appears.

Even some of the sightings that occur until there is a feeling to see foreign secret agents or aliens. Meanwhile, on the other side of Europe itself there are several medieval paintings, which depict the process of
sleep paralysis with the figure of evil spirits who occupy a woman's chest until he was frightened and difficult breathing.


The phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis in the Americas represented by Mexican culture. They call this phenomenon se subio el muerto me and this phenomenon is believed to be the occurrence of dead souls that attach to the person, so that one feels in the occupied or ditidih during sleep.

African Continent

On the African continent known phenomenon in mixed cultural oppression of Afro-American culture. Actually, this belief is also found in the Americas. For those who are descendants of African blacks, generally will recognize this belief. They call a sleep disorder known as the devil riding your back or shoulder up the ghost being a person.

Believed to difficult people wake up from sleep is a ghost ride, be it tangible or intangible female male. Usually the ghost will not escape before the victims can shout.

Asia Continent

Sleep paralysis than in Indonesia is also known in some other neighboring countries. As in Chinese culture, oppression called shen gui ya meaningful ghost disorders that suppress a person's body. While the culture of Cambodia, Laos and Thailand at the same time call it a pee umm, referring to the incident where a person is asleep and dreaming spirits hold or detain the person's body to stay in their nature.

Not forgetting the Japanese culture, this phenomenon is called kanashibari, which based on the literature can be interpreted binding, so that this phenomenon means a person bound by evil spirits.

In a country that is sensible communist Vietnam, this phenomenon is also known as ma de, which means controlled by Satan. Many Vietnamese people believe these problems occurred because the spirits permeate a person's body.

Continental Europe

Not only known in American culture, Asia, and Africa alone, the myth of Sleep Paralysis spread in continental Europe. In the Icelandic culture, known as mara, which originated from an ancient language that has meaning ghost Island occupying someone's chest at night, trying to make him shortness of breath and suffocation.

While in the Turkish culture, known as karabasan, believed to be the creature that attacks people in times of sleep, suppress the person's chest and took his breath.

Meanwhile, the Hungarian culture, this phenomenon is called lidercnyomas and is associated with the word supernatural boszorkany (witch). Boszorkany word itself means to press so that this event be interpreted as pressure exerted on one's spirits in his sleep.

Last in a Maltese culture, sleep disturbance is considered as an attack by Haddiela (wife Hares), gods who haunt the nation Malta possessed by that person. And to avoid the attack Haddiela, one has to put objects of silver or a knife under the pillow while sleeping.

Continent Australia and Oceania

As finally the myth of oppression is on the continent of Australia, represented by the culture of New Guinea. The phenomenon is named Suk Ninmyo sleep paralysis. Suk Ninmyo is the sacred tree of life of the human spirit. This sacred tree shall eat the human spirit in the night so as not to disturb people in the daytime. However, often the person being eaten spirit of this tree will wake up and there was sleep paralysis.

Well, it turns squeezing phenomenon is also known throughout the continent in the world.
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5 Food Plant Sex Passion

The body is very fit and healthy always begins from the food we eat. Effect of food can also increase the mood as well as increase the sex drive for men and women. There are some foods that have a major impact in improving sex drive.

As quoted from pages Shine, following sex-enhancing food for you and your partner:

Pumpkin seeds
Containing high levels of zinc, which is proven to increase sex drive by testosterone pumping. Use it in every dish, could increase the production of testosterone.

Any foods that are good for the heart is also good for the waist because the food is healthy for the heart to increase circulation, allowing blood, oxygen and nutrients to flow freely. In addition to fat is good for the heart, one ounce of almonds provides 35 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin E, increased sex hormones and contain powerful antioxidants and prevent hardening of the arteries, which can cause blockage of blood flow. One ounce (twenty-three almonds) is the ideal number of servings of almonds to eat as a snack each day.

The antioxidants in soy provides natural lubrication for women and is one of the main foods to protect men from prostate cancer. Soy also helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure and circulation. One study also found that the compounds of soy can make you look stunning when not dressed by creating fat cells smaller and smaller.

Seed wheat
Wheat is a food source containing arginine, an amino acid that increases nitric oxide, a compound which compose the blood vessels, increases blood flow to certain parts "of the body. Arginine also served to increase the production of anti-aging hormone.

Watermelon contains a natural substance called citrulline, which will be converted into arginine. Watermelon is also rich in antioxidant lycopene, which increase the male prostate health. In watermelons contain citrulline skin is very high from the fruit flesh, so be sure to bite the skin of a watermelon though only slightly. Watermelon also contains 92 percent water that can protect the body from dehydration.

Other facts also states that certain smells can also increase one's sex drive. Based on Smell and Taste Research Foundation in Chicago aroma of popcorn butter can increase male sex hormones, but among all the odors tested, the combination of pumpkin pie and lavender to produce the highest increase sex drive in men. As many as 40 per cent increase in penile blood flow.

Citrus aroma also can make a woman feel young, even younger than 6 years of her partner. But remember, alcohol and cigarettes can reduce your sex drive can even cause damage.
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Durable Sensation 'Condom Viagra'

Condoms are no longer merely contraceptives to prevent sexually transmitted infections. Various innovations carried out for condom users also get a 'fun' more.

Order to increase the sensation of sexual intercourse, condom innovation intensively conducted, ranging from shapes, colors until the sensation of taste and aroma.

In the midst of variation, the British biotechnology company, Future Medical, broke new ground by creating a condom that is able to maintain an erection longer male.Unlike the pill 'strong' is designed for men with impotence and erectile dysfunction, 'condom viagra' is more directed to those who have trouble keeping an erection. Especially when using a condom.

As quoted from Yourtango, 'condom viagra' of different colors is claimed to have uniqueness. Inside is a special gel that will increase blood flow to vital organs of men. Vasolidator gel is commonly used in the medical world to treat chest pain due to lack of blood flow to the heart.

Although seemingly simple, the experts have to work hard to remain stable in the gel vasodilator condoms. So that the condom does not leak or damage the rubber coating.

After receiving approval from health authorities in Britain and the United States, 'condom viagra' is immediately sold to satisfy the desires of consumers.

Given the effect is quite burdensome women in the use of hormonal contraceptives and equipment, 'condom viagra' seems an outlet for sexual relations more healthy and balanced.
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Viagra Can Cause Hearing Loss

By showing virility, many men take Viagra or any other strong medication. Using drugs like these can make a man able to maintain an erection long enough. However, be careful of too much consumption of Viagra could cause hearing loss.
Based on research, impotence drug Viagra and similar potential to cause sudden hearing loss. The team from Charing Cross, Stoke Mandeville and the Royal Marsden Hospital, as well as drug regulatory authorities in Europe, America, East Asia and Australasia, reveals that they receive the report "Deafness Viagra" or hearing loss shortly after taking the pill.

They found 47 suspected cases of sensorineural hearing loss. That is a loss of hearing in one or both ears Viagra and related consumption of drugs such as Cialis and Levitra.

Eight cases from the UK. Then, 223 other cases, the reports are made in the United States, not included in the study because of lack of details.

The average age of those affected by hearing loss is a male 57 years. Although, according to Journal reports Laryngoscope, there are two people who also experience and 37 years old.

It is not known clearly, how long the interference occurs. But certainly, the disorder, types of hearing loss. In a previous study of 29 cases of suspected, by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the drug regulatory authority and American food, only a third of which are classified as temporary deafness.

FDA advises users of Viagra, Cialis or Levitra that his hearing suddenly deteriorated to immediately stop consuming and to consult a doctor. Researchers are not sure how Viagra can affect hearing. But it may occur due to the chain of chemical reactions that have triggered adverse effect on the inside of the ear drum.

"Medical practitioners involved in prescribing these drugs need to be vigilant and need to know about potential side effects," said dr. Afroze Shah Khan, from Charing Cross Hospital, was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

Even so, the UK drug watchdog, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, reveals that complaints of hearing loss associated with the consumption of Viagra are very rare.
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Woman Tears Could Cause Decrease in Sexual Desire In Men

Team of experts from the University of Tel Aviv found some interesting facts about human tears. It turned out kind of tears and the smell of tear can affect male sexual potency.

As reported by the Genius Beauty, there are two kinds of tears. First, the tears coming out due to external iritator, like onions. Secondly, tears of women who came out because of the surge of emotion.

Tears were coming out due to external irritants have different chemical compositions with tears coming out due to overflow with emotion. Both also have a different flavor. The smell of tear appeared to have special effects and can affect men's erection.
The study involved forty men and women. The female respondents were asked to watch the sad story of a famous movie. Several other women were asked to watch certain scenes which can also cause a tear.

Tears of the women who came out while watching and then collected in a tube. Then, the tears were studied in the laboratory. After that, the men were asked to sniff out a small tube that has been soaked in the tears of women.

Ten of the 21 men involved in the study showed a decrease erection after inhaling the smell of woman's tears. Having sniffed the woman's tears, the men also revealed that women who indicated to her photograph, not interesting.

The results of brain scans also showed that female tears smell that comes out from the surge of emotion has an effect on the brain. Ie 'press' section of the brain responsible for the influence of sexual arousal.
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Sex Robot

Company in China launched a new sex robot. The surplus, a beautiful robot is claimed to be able to communicate and identify its owner.

Sex is Love who created the robot. With ideal posture as high as 165.1 inches, the manufacturer applies a soft synthetic leather and muscles of the silicone gel metal frame strung with modern technology.

Managers Love Sex, Li Jian, said the robot for £ 3,000 was targeting high-paying executive man who was too busy to have a real partner.When deciding to buy, customers can select a face and figure robot cult. Robot selection will then be programmed to recognize its owner's face. Once programmed to determine the choice of language for conversing with the owner.

Li Jian said the robot was equipped with a remote control to control the movement from a distance. By pressing one button on the remote, the robot can change its position, even thrilling one part of his body.

Fishing curious claims of sophistication, these sex dolls have created a crowd of people at present in an exhibition at the Sex Culture Exhibition in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province.

Sex robot offers an alternative for fans of puppet sex. The manufacturer claims, is more impressed sex robot sex dolls realistic than the already widely circulated.

Robot sex free first went on sale in America in early 2010 ago. TrueCompanion, the manufacturers claim that their product christened 'Roxxxy' as the world's first sex robot. Doll robot is designed specifically as a date.

The robot is equipped with artificial intelligence program to learn the things that favored or not favored user.

"He will be able to talk, listen, follow conversations, and feel the touch as well be your true friend,"according to TrueCompanion information in their pages. "He can have an orgasm when you touch it."
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