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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kimberly Walsh: Severe Giggs Treason!

MANCHESTER, Manchester United midfielder, Ryan Giggs, the more cornered. The arrest of two cases affair brings criticism from various parties. Now, turn to British singer, Kimberley Walsh, who went along with Giggs railed."The story of Ryan Giggs was shaking. I can not believe he (Giggs) had an affair with a woman who is now a sister-in-law for eight years," Walsh wrote in a column in the magazine OK!.

"MOLESTER alone is bad in any situation. But this is a betrayal that is so close to home. Morally, how could this have happened? His wife must be very disturbed," continued Walsh.

Giggs caught having an affair with brother-in-law, Natasha, recently. Previously, the affair with model Imogen Thomas also revealed in parliament. Later Giggs has been categorized as sex addiction. He tends not satisfied simply with his wife, but was oriented to adventure. Therefore, he will follow the rehabilitation.

"Using the excuse of sex addiction is a sad thing. If you have a problem, you have to deal with it,"said Walsh.