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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Armistice Becoming Necessity

The armed conflict in Southern Kordofan increasingly heated. Violence, as the AP and AFP news on Wednesday June 15, 2011, involving stakeholders namely North Sudan and South Sudan. So, departing from it, President Barack Obama called for both a ceasefire.Obama urged both parties more responsible in order to avoid a new civil war "There is no military solution, the leaders of Sudan and Southern Sudan shall have the responsibility," Obama said in a message pre-recorded audio.

"The Sudanese government must prevent this crisis does not deteriorate in a way to stop the shooting, including bombings, the expulsion of citizens and intimidation," added Obama.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people forced to leave their homeland due to violence that took place just weeks before the independence of the South already.

The violence near the border of North and South Sudan is considered the United Nations (UN) also endanger humanitarian missions. Armed militia roadblocks built blocking various aid reaches thousands of refugees who need them.

The UN refugee agency said it asked the government of Khartoum to allow planes to land at major airports Kadugli, South Kordofan. North Sudan troops accused of targeting the targets where the pro-Southern Sudan.

Already last month armed conflict broke out in North and South along the border near the disputed town of Abyei. The dispute was sparked fears of civil war that had stopped in 2005 will again be repeated.

Earlier this week, Sudan and South Sudan agreed to withdraw their military from the Abyei region and hand over security to the army of Ethiopia.