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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Suffered Girl

KANSAS CITY, Young woman held captive for many years as sex slaves by the husband and wife in Missouri. He was locked in cages and electrocuted. Part of his body nailed to a wooden board.

United States Attorney Beth Phillips even called it as one of the case "most horrific ever brought to trial in the region."

The authorities said the woman was employed since the age of 16 years by Ed Bagley (43) and his wife, Marilyn. He must live in a house made of the trailer so that you can take them anywhere.

The case was finally uncovered in early 2009 after the young woman, now 23 years old, was taken to hospital and prosecutors disclose to the public.

However, the more detail the events that appear, the more relevant question the allegations. Questions include the involvement of the young woman was in the practice of sexual violence, pose in a pornographic magazine, and her job as a stripper in a nightclub.

Supporters of the accused also said out loud, a lot of activities as mentioned in the indictment were in fact adults also practiced every day.

Ed Bagley, faces 11 charges, including sex trafficking conspiracy, theft and violence. There were four other men are also charged with various criminal acts.

The indictment comes as thick as 21 page picture shows, such as sexual tools from medieval times used on the young woman in a house trailer Bagley.

Marilyn Bagley's wife, claimed to know her because she was dating his son. That relationship ended. However, the woman wants to live with a family-Marilyn Bagley with reason, his relationship with her adoptive parents deteriorated.

Marilyn said, the young woman joined her family when she was 17 years old, not 16 years, and never had sex with her husband until the age of 18.

"He's not a runaway," said Marilyn. "We took it from his adoptive father and stepmother."

According to Marilyn, prosecutors threatened to bring an action against this if he is not willing to testify honestly about her husband, Bagley. However, he rejected it because it was not doing wrong.

Meanwhile, prosecutors say, Ed Bagley upload videos and other images to the internet which shows that the young woman was doing sexual activity.

On that website, Ed Bagley was accused testified that the young woman is a sex slave and also advertised that he is ready to serve sex to others and willing to be tortured, whether online or in person meeting.

Bagley was also accused of receiving cash payments, cigarettes, computer hard drives, even meat for other men can go to her house and torturing the young woman.