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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Man was killed while raping a woman 77 years old

Texas man was killed when 77-year-old woman raped in Refugio County, Texas, the AP news agency reported on Tuesday (06/14/2011).
The man named Isabel Gutierrez Chavelo 53 was not feeling well complain when in action. He then stopped the action, rolled, and then died away.Chavelo man named Isabel Gutierrez (53) complained of not feeling well that when in action. He then stopped the action, rolled, and then died away.

Police suspect Gutierrez had a heart attack because of fatigue. Previously he was doing his evil intentions, Gutierrez cycling as far as three kilometers. However, police still her body autopsied to confirm the cause of sudden death.

Victims Gutierrez in a healthy condition. Gutierrez threatened him with a small knife, said Gary Wright of the Refugio County Sheriff's office.

The old woman said she saw Gutierrez in the small town post office the day before. He thought the attackers had collapsed because of too drunk, because his breath smelled of alcohol.

Seeing assailant helpless, he immediately ran out of the house and called her daughter who then called the police.

When police arrived on the scene, Gutierrez lifeless.

The incident actually occurred on June 2 at midnight. But people still talk about it.

According to Gary Wright, the crime rate in the small town was quite low. It is difficult for ordinary citizens do not forget it. "It was indeed very strange," said Wright.

In police records, Gutierrez entered the list of sexual criminals. He was released from prison after serving sentences for cases of sexual abuse against children.

Current status of any parole, also to cases of sexual abuse.