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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Secret Behind Sex Enjoyment

Like fantasy or fake orgasms, women may often be done when having intimate with a partner. False responses made ​​by the couple happy to be one marker of differences in the character of men and women thought about sex.Two neurologists author of 'In A Billion Wicked Thoughts', Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam, revealing secrets about the contents of the mind of men and women about sex. They believe by understanding this secret, will make a couple more and understand the needs and satisfaction respectively. Quoted by the Daily Mail, two neurologists stated that he thought about sex content is usually relatively simple. Men tend to be affected by visual cues. That's why men love to see women pleasure orgasm. They do not care whether the expression is false or not.

While the contents of her thoughts about sex is much more complicated. Women tend to be more concerned about feeling desired. Without realizing it, thinking it would make a woman like detectives who investigate the quality of the love of a man, before deciding to give him pleasure. "A woman wants to know more about the men, including about how they are committed," said Dr. Ogas on CNN.

This study also shows that men generally do not need to feel wanted to be able to feel the enjoyment of sex. This explains why males can increase arousal while viewing pornographic images that tease. While women are more tempted by all the things that could improve his mood.

Dr. Gaddam explains, "like a male sexual brain single switch, whereas female sexual brain like a jet fighter cockpit F1 complex."

"There are many conversations taking place between the woman of erotic stories, while men prefer to consume pornographic movies and not talking about aesthetics," said Dr. Gaddam. Dr Ogas added: "Erotica is a solitary man, and erotica women is social enterprise."