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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sex Robot

Company in China launched a new sex robot. The surplus, a beautiful robot is claimed to be able to communicate and identify its owner.

Sex is Love who created the robot. With ideal posture as high as 165.1 inches, the manufacturer applies a soft synthetic leather and muscles of the silicone gel metal frame strung with modern technology.

Managers Love Sex, Li Jian, said the robot for £ 3,000 was targeting high-paying executive man who was too busy to have a real partner.When deciding to buy, customers can select a face and figure robot cult. Robot selection will then be programmed to recognize its owner's face. Once programmed to determine the choice of language for conversing with the owner.

Li Jian said the robot was equipped with a remote control to control the movement from a distance. By pressing one button on the remote, the robot can change its position, even thrilling one part of his body.

Fishing curious claims of sophistication, these sex dolls have created a crowd of people at present in an exhibition at the Sex Culture Exhibition in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province.

Sex robot offers an alternative for fans of puppet sex. The manufacturer claims, is more impressed sex robot sex dolls realistic than the already widely circulated.

Robot sex free first went on sale in America in early 2010 ago. TrueCompanion, the manufacturers claim that their product christened 'Roxxxy' as the world's first sex robot. Doll robot is designed specifically as a date.

The robot is equipped with artificial intelligence program to learn the things that favored or not favored user.

"He will be able to talk, listen, follow conversations, and feel the touch as well be your true friend,"according to TrueCompanion information in their pages. "He can have an orgasm when you touch it."