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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sleep Paralysis

Have you ever dreamed of making your breath or wheezing at some point feel the weight, chest tightness, difficulty moving, hard to shout along with the emergence of hallucinations, ghosts? Perhaps according to Javanese belief is called sleep paralysis events, or disturbed a ghost.

In medical terms, this is referred to as sleep paralysis because the body can not move and seemed paralyzed. Apparently, almost everyone has experienced it, at least once in his life. And symptoms of sleep paralysis can happen to anyone, male or female. Sleep Paralysis phenomenon often associated with things mystical and it is not just a monopoly of the land of Java alone, but this myth is also growing in many countries around the World. In the Western world, sleep paralysis phenomenon is often called incubus or nightmare old Hags based on shadow form that appears.

Even some of the sightings that occur until there is a feeling to see foreign secret agents or aliens. Meanwhile, on the other side of Europe itself there are several medieval paintings, which depict the process of
sleep paralysis with the figure of evil spirits who occupy a woman's chest until he was frightened and difficult breathing.


The phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis in the Americas represented by Mexican culture. They call this phenomenon se subio el muerto me and this phenomenon is believed to be the occurrence of dead souls that attach to the person, so that one feels in the occupied or ditidih during sleep.

African Continent

On the African continent known phenomenon in mixed cultural oppression of Afro-American culture. Actually, this belief is also found in the Americas. For those who are descendants of African blacks, generally will recognize this belief. They call a sleep disorder known as the devil riding your back or shoulder up the ghost being a person.

Believed to difficult people wake up from sleep is a ghost ride, be it tangible or intangible female male. Usually the ghost will not escape before the victims can shout.

Asia Continent

Sleep paralysis than in Indonesia is also known in some other neighboring countries. As in Chinese culture, oppression called shen gui ya meaningful ghost disorders that suppress a person's body. While the culture of Cambodia, Laos and Thailand at the same time call it a pee umm, referring to the incident where a person is asleep and dreaming spirits hold or detain the person's body to stay in their nature.

Not forgetting the Japanese culture, this phenomenon is called kanashibari, which based on the literature can be interpreted binding, so that this phenomenon means a person bound by evil spirits.

In a country that is sensible communist Vietnam, this phenomenon is also known as ma de, which means controlled by Satan. Many Vietnamese people believe these problems occurred because the spirits permeate a person's body.

Continental Europe

Not only known in American culture, Asia, and Africa alone, the myth of Sleep Paralysis spread in continental Europe. In the Icelandic culture, known as mara, which originated from an ancient language that has meaning ghost Island occupying someone's chest at night, trying to make him shortness of breath and suffocation.

While in the Turkish culture, known as karabasan, believed to be the creature that attacks people in times of sleep, suppress the person's chest and took his breath.

Meanwhile, the Hungarian culture, this phenomenon is called lidercnyomas and is associated with the word supernatural boszorkany (witch). Boszorkany word itself means to press so that this event be interpreted as pressure exerted on one's spirits in his sleep.

Last in a Maltese culture, sleep disturbance is considered as an attack by Haddiela (wife Hares), gods who haunt the nation Malta possessed by that person. And to avoid the attack Haddiela, one has to put objects of silver or a knife under the pillow while sleeping.

Continent Australia and Oceania

As finally the myth of oppression is on the continent of Australia, represented by the culture of New Guinea. The phenomenon is named Suk Ninmyo sleep paralysis. Suk Ninmyo is the sacred tree of life of the human spirit. This sacred tree shall eat the human spirit in the night so as not to disturb people in the daytime. However, often the person being eaten spirit of this tree will wake up and there was sleep paralysis.

Well, it turns squeezing phenomenon is also known throughout the continent in the world.