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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Woman Tears Could Cause Decrease in Sexual Desire In Men

Team of experts from the University of Tel Aviv found some interesting facts about human tears. It turned out kind of tears and the smell of tear can affect male sexual potency.

As reported by the Genius Beauty, there are two kinds of tears. First, the tears coming out due to external iritator, like onions. Secondly, tears of women who came out because of the surge of emotion.

Tears were coming out due to external irritants have different chemical compositions with tears coming out due to overflow with emotion. Both also have a different flavor. The smell of tear appeared to have special effects and can affect men's erection.
The study involved forty men and women. The female respondents were asked to watch the sad story of a famous movie. Several other women were asked to watch certain scenes which can also cause a tear.

Tears of the women who came out while watching and then collected in a tube. Then, the tears were studied in the laboratory. After that, the men were asked to sniff out a small tube that has been soaked in the tears of women.

Ten of the 21 men involved in the study showed a decrease erection after inhaling the smell of woman's tears. Having sniffed the woman's tears, the men also revealed that women who indicated to her photograph, not interesting.

The results of brain scans also showed that female tears smell that comes out from the surge of emotion has an effect on the brain. Ie 'press' section of the brain responsible for the influence of sexual arousal.