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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Basketball players support Obama Through Internet

Washington - Support continues to flow to Barack Obama. Among the supporting presidential candidate United States (U.S.) from the Democratic Party was increasingly varied course.

Later, some professional pebasket expressed their support to the Illinois senator with a particular site, Through the site, they carry slogans President and baller in Chief.

Basketball players who expressed support for Obama through the site, among others, Charles Wade Barkley. Men born February 20, 1963 was known as the NBA Most Valuable Player in 1993. Three years later, the celebration of 50 years in the NBA, he crowned one of the 50 greatest players in NBA history.The site also featured video three on three involving Obama. Video duration 1 minute 31 seconds was recorded on April 25, 2008 in Kokomo, Indiana. Wearing a gray T-shirt and black sweatpants, Obama fight like a professional player. He also dodged agile opponent for the ball.

Senator born August 4, 1961 it was known to have strengthened his school basketball team. His family is also no stranger to the basket ball sport. For example, Craig Robinson, brother of Michelle Obama, wife of Obama, is the basketball coach at Oregon State University.

''I like the way she tells her family. Because, that's how we tell our families. I think he's a good guy. It is unfortunate if he did not survive,''said Robinson, who graduated from Princeton.

Meanwhile, BAM NASCAR team sent a proposal to the Obama campaign. The goal is to bring Obama to one of the Sprint Cup series this year.

As reported by the Associated Press, BAM team spokesman Rhett Vandiver confirmed that it had submitted a proposal to the Democratic Party. However, Vandiver also sent a proposal similar to the stronghold of Republican candidate John McCain.

"Obama camp will not be sponsoring a car in the Sprint Cup series. However, we will continue to seek ways to reach out to voters and convey the message of change that brought Senator Obama," said Bill Burton, a spokesman for the Obama campaign.

The issue began to emerge when Sports Illustrated reported that BAM's proposal on its website. In the report mentioned, the Obama campaign was negotiating with BAM to sponsor the No. 49 car in the Pocono race on August 3 the next.

The appearance of presidential candidates in the race car is not new in the U.S.. One championship in 2004, for example, carried the logo of George W. Bush, though not officially associated with campaigns. In 2003, Democratic presidential candidate Bob Graham also sponsored a truck in the Craftsman Truck Series.